The Concept of Long Way Home

The CD “Long Way Home” was created as a concept album intended to symbolize the journey of the prodigal son, a journey that in many ways we are all making during this challenging visit to the physical Earth. The first audio construct is Genesis, representing the confusion that follows when we first begin to ask ourselves who, where, and why we are. The next short intro song ( Long Way Home) is sung by a child in a motif representative of our spiritual youth, our awaking that there must be more going on around us than meets the eye. From that point comes the beginning of our search for truth. Two paths lie in front of us, one of good, and one of evil. Those who see the path of evil as offering an easier more profitable journey, eventually come to find it an empty way, one that leads in circles. For those who choose to cast their allegiance to good, the path is also far from easy. The next three songs in the CD represent the three basic challenges a person who has chosen to stand for good still faces. The first, (Runner), represents the mistakes of the mind. Although you may be in the right, some choices you make can still be wrong. The next song (Bad Mistakes) represents an error of the spirit. You wish to do a good thing, but your action is too careless or impulsive. The third possible mistake is one of the heart, depicted by the song, (Before You Ever). Temptation, the most devious of influences in our lives, leads you away from something good, and leaves you poorer for it. When a person on the path of goodness survives these pitfalls, they are lead to the song “After The Storm.” Beyond that, “End Of The Rainbow”, presents the guides we have learned to live by to protect ourselves as we create a better world along the way. Next is “Aurora”, the finding of God. And last is “Long Way Home Part 2”, now voiced by a much more experienced, and wiser person.