Long Way Home


Produced by Stormi Harper & Ed Mason

Production & Engineering support: Sandra Vann

All arrangements by FreeFall America

Engineers: Harper, Mason

Technical & Engineering support: Bob Cassen, John Black, Nick Francis, Scott Ginn, Rick Lopez,

Patty Stavely, Ash Reader, Jennifer Walford Vann, Brett Walford



Sandra Vann, Vocals

Terry Burrows, Vocals

Bob Cassen, Electric & Classical Guitar

Stormi Harper, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Percussion

Mitch Godwin, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer

Daniel Walford, Piano

John Black, Drums, Percussion

Nick Francis, Vocals, Guitar

Ed Mason, Vocals, guitar, synthesizer, trumpet, percussion

Kricket Moros,Violin in After The Storm

Teno Ware, French Horn on Before You Ever

Maggie Rabe, Vocal on Long Way Home Part 1


Our sincere thanks to Professors of Linguistics Ken Cook

and Gary Kahaho’omalu Kanada for special technical support


All songs written by Ed Mason with the exception of After The Storm

by Cassen, Walford, Harper, Mason

Recorded at: Heavens Studio, Port St. John, Florida

Mastered by: Wizards of Oze Systems, Cocoa, Florida


All photography by Sandra Vann with the exception of:

Basic Earth Image, Stingray Nebula, Shuttle Aurora, Space imagery courtesy of NASA-NSSDC

All photo art by Ed Mason


Copyright, all rights reserved

Email: info@freefallamerica.com